Cybertastrophe and Cybergeddon
John Arqtangent, Ph.D., Lt Col USAF (Ret.), TS/SSBI polygraph full scope TK SI G B HCS PPT4C, CCIE Security (Instructor), NSA-IAM, CISSP, GSEC, CISM, CISA, CIPP, CMMI (Instructor), MCSE, Linux A+, OpenBSD Security A+, OpenSSH Security A+ (Instructor)
Cybertastrophe and Cybergeddon

White House asks again about cyber czar position; my answer is still 'no'

The White House contacted me again at the cyber emergency headquarters in South Korea where I've been working almost around the clock to stop North Korea from taking over this country via compumetric terror attacks. They asked me again if I would like to be on the short list of nominees for the new cyber czar position after my colleague Melissa Hathaway tendered her resignation.

I told the White House exactly what I said before. "I'm in South Korea right now trying to save their people from cyber terror attacks. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to lead from the rear." I asked the person to pass on my gratitude to the president for thinking so highly of me, and then we hung up.

The face of cyber terror

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a newspaper photograph of civilian demonstrations against the cyber attacks here in South Korea. I continue to be horrified at the amount of destruction that North Korea is inflicting on this country. Every evening when I report for duty at South Korea's Cyber Terror Response Center, I find more SCADA attacks on our list of tragedies. I think the blood red "DDOS" sign in the photo says it all.

SCADA attack against cranes in New Delhi?

I just heard about the three cranes that toppled over in New Delhi. I can't believe this is a coincidence. One maybe, but three? It sounds like a hacker remotely took over the cranes' SCADA networks and made them topple. I hope we catch the person(s) who did this cowardly act of terrorism.

Cybergeddon imminent for South Korea

My team is unable to catch any rest since the North Koreans launched their nonstop blitzkrieg cyber-attacks against Seoul, South Korea and Washington, D.C. With the rumors of Kim Jong-il suffering from terminal cancer, we fear it is only a matter of time before the North Korean leader unleashes his much feared "suicide hackers" who will lob SCADA attacks at South Korea without mercy. It will be an act of suicide not just for the hackers, but, also for North and South as the Koreas plunge into years of darkness. We all need our rest to be ready for the huge wave of cyber attacks, but we cannot afford to sleep. Most of us are moving like the walking dead in our cubicle farm. I don't know how much longer we can last against the North Korean onslaught.

More details in deadly hack behind D.C. train wreck

More details have emerged in North Korea's military hacking that resulted in the deadly Washington, D.C. train wreck. Kim Jong-Il's elite hacking unit has been as busy as the missile test wing, all of them trying to temp the United States to return to open war. I'm sickened by the SCADA attacks I've seen coming from the north side of the DMZ every day since I landed at the Seoul airport.

North Korea cyber war, a prelude to physical war?

We just returned from an emergency meeting in Seoul at the Cyber Terror Response Center. Team leader Chang Seok-hwa briefed us that North Korea is stepping up its attacks, probably in advance of a massive physical attack that will roll across the DMZ. South Korea's military is now implementing the first part of its plan to shut down the country's major Internet pipelines in order to protect the country from North Korea's cyber military might. More news as I get it.

North Korea behind Disney World monorail hack?

I just heard about the Disney World monorail crash where two trains were made to collide with each other. Circumstantial evidence is that North Korea's military was hacking into Florida electrical utilities in the wee hours when few computer security experts are guarding their SCADA systems in real time. I don't yet know for sure if North Korea was behind this crash. But it wouldn't surprise me. This may just be North Korea's way of harming the United States after they decided not to fire a nuclear missile at Hawaii.

North Korea is going ballistic, killing people

I'm watching the clandestine internet traffic from North Korea and I am horrified. It's bad enough that their military is hacking into South Korea's critical infrastructures, killing roughly a dozen innocent people each day on average. Now their military hackers have gone beyond the penninsula. They just killed a dozen people in a SCADA attack against a train passing through Viareggio, Italy. Closer to home, uniformed North Koreans hacked into a transformer in Newark, N.J. and fed it a sequence of out-of-bound SCADA commands that made it explode, leaving the city crippled in darkness with no electricity. I pray the United States has enough resolve to end North Korea's aggression with deadly military might.

USAF prepares to enter INFOCON 2

Just got an email from an old friend of mine who's still in uniform. He's a lt col now and he tells me that the Air Force is about to move into INFOCON 2 due to the threats by North Korea to "wipe out" the United States with computer viruses and nuclear missiles. Frankly, I'm not sure which is worse. The missiles might not hit their mark, but a devastating computer virus could destroy trillions of dollars of productivity all over the globe. My wife and daughter are really concerned that I'm here in South Korea where I might be killed. But I have to protect South Korea's critical network infrastructures. It's too important to leave our allies swinging in the wind. I wish everyone back at home a safe and non-infected July 4 holiday. Grill a brat for me!

SCADA attackers make trains collide, 6 killed

Today's SCADA attack on the Washington, D.C., railway system ended with the loss of six lives and wounded dozens of other passengers when train tracks were remotely reconfigured to put two trains on the same tracks travelling at each other at very high speed. I haven't heard any news yet on which nation attacked us. Could be North Korea, could be Iran.